Avani Hotels To Immerse Koh Samui’s Chaweng Into Retro Vibe

Beach vibes and a dazzling midday sun make Chaweng one of Koh Samui’s most attractive destinations.

But the desirable, lively location has plans to continue growing and an exciting arrival, scheduled for mid-2022, is proof of that: Avani Chaweng Samui Resort comes as Chaweng’s first mid-century motor Inn.

The 76-room resort, located along the famous Chaweng Beach Road, promises to give guests direct access to the best shopping, entertainment, and dining on the island.

Besides, its strategic location also leaves the hotel just 15 minutes away by car from Samui International Airport, making weekend getaways a breeze. Avani Chaweng Samui Resort features a fresh and bold design, inspired by the US motor hotels that gained worldwide fame in the mid-century as convenient lodging options for vacationing families.

SOHO Hospitality, a renowned Thailand-based studio, infused a predominantly contemporary space with influences from the 1950s.

Geometric patterns, high-contrast curves, mirrored furniture and opulent metallic fabrics are some elements within its mid-century vibe. But the resort also keeps things modern, decorating the retro space with contemporary techniques and creating suburban, relaxing, and stylish areas.

Avani Chaweng also features a swimming pool with cabanas, a multi-level deck, a social bar, and an all-day gym.

All rooms at the imposing resort have perks, including the largest Groovy Suite with space to relax and a minibar to entertain friends and family. Moreover, guests will have priority access to the SEEN Beach Club Samui, with the opportunity to taste internationally renowned cuisine in the modern beach club’s restaurant and cocktails in its pools.