Marriott’s Sweet Deals: Discover Thailand During the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to start over and work to meet all the goals set.

But this year, the opportunities double.

While trying to leave behind a tough 2021 and a devastating pandemic, Marriott will allow everyone to enjoy a sensational period with a package fully tailored to their needs and preferences.

This is the right time to visualize the future with optimism and hope.

Each 2021 traveler will have the opportunity to find the ideal package for them, including value-added vacations, first-class breakfasts, or family getaways.

To do so, Marriott has four fantastic deals.

The first is a bountiful breakfast. This is an appetizing deal for hotels and resorts to offer a wide range of attractively priced rooms and suites, with a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant for up to two children included.

There is also one offer called “take the credit.”

With this generous deal, travelers will be able to enjoy attractive accommodation rates, as well as daily hotel credit redeemable for additional services such as food, spa treatments, and more.

The third offer is the gourmet getaways.

This is an exclusive epicurean promotion that will let guests live a unique gastronomic experience with daily breakfasts for two people. And then there’s the “family fun” package.

The latter is a family package that includes activities in the kids’ club.

The Marriot Sweet Deals will be available at all Marriot hotels and resorts in the kingdom. Choose from a wide range of modern or ultra-luxurious hotels and start 2021 in the most rewarding way possible.

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