Meliá Koh Samui Resort Rescues Twenty One Elephants

The pioneering Meliá resort in Thailand helped a herd of elephants that needed it.

Two hundred meters from the Melià Koh Samui Island, a farm supporting 21 elephants needed help feeding them, despite their 200 banana trees and different delicious grass for the animals.

The news alerted everyone about the critical state of the farm due to the pandemic.

Since many tourists stopped attending the farm, they lost their financial ability to sustain the animals. Each of them consumed up to 400kgr daily, according to Ernesto Osuna, the General Manager of the Resort.

Since the opening of the sanctuary in 2018, they had not gone through something like this.

Tourists came and went from the sanctuary to watch the elephants wander by. They also had the opportunity to bathe in different pools and enjoy the various native plants the region has to offer.

The incredible animals needed to eat 10% of their weight to survive.

Nonetheless, due to the pandemic, the herd only got a part of what they needed to eat to be healthy. Thankfully, Meliá Koh Samui came to the rescue at the perfect time for the elephants.

They revealed a new elephant mascot called Coco.

Working as a host, Coco helped tourists know more about the Haven and accompanied kids during different activities. The educational spaces inside the kids’ club in the resort marked the highlighting point of the strategy.

Coco’s debut helped the community promote different initiatives.

Now, the elephants have received essential things like food and various other things that also help more people who need them.