New Nakhonchai Air Buses Provide Comfort and Safety

Travelers making journeys between Bangkok and Buriram can now enjoy an executive air travel experience in a luxurious autocar upgraded to provide a pandemic-friendly service.

Luxury bus operator Nakhonchai Air welcomes new first-class buses with more space, comfort, and safety for its passengers.

They will arrive just in time for Songkran and offer transportation between the capital and the wealthy northwestern province for just 486 baht ($ 15) per seat. These redesign one-level buses were developed to carry only 23 passengers, and their chairs are arranged in a zig-zag pattern to reduce physical contact, thus maintaining social distancing.

Besides, all seats have wraparound padding and can recline more than usual.

But the most luxurious feature of all is that its pneumatic chairs offer relaxing massages to all people, allowing them to enjoy series or movies on 15-inch personal screens to make the trip more enjoyable.

Each seat of the innovative bus will include a USB charging port and two reading lights, as well as a foldable tray for food and drinks in case someone wants a snack midway.

Nakhonchai Air has been committed to the safety of Thais, making great efforts to become the leading alternative in the country. Its new buses were design as a way to address public hygiene concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are expected to gradually replace older mass transit vehicles along other routes as the year progresses.

People can make reservations up to 30 days in advance by phone call or online. And, fortunately, there will be no increase in fares.