Sala Bang Pa-In: Enjoy The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

Sala Bang Pa-In, SALA Hospitality Group’s latest boutique resort, invites people to experience ultimate relaxation and happiness as they discover a brand-new place.

It is a private island in the Chao Phraya River near the Bang Pa-In Palace that can be easily accessed from the center of Bangkok. The short trip from the capital ends at the fifth boutique resort and the ninth hotel of the SALA group, classified as an elegant island paradise with a 24-rooms capacity.

Sala Bang Pa-In is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle, especially for those who love nature.

The local lifestyle and hotel design concept perfectly complement the atmosphere of the Chao Phraya River. Besides, it promises an extraordinary culinary experience through a variety of renowned sweet and savory Thai dishes.

The boutique hotel allows visitors to get immersed in the fascinating beauty of nature through pool villas, each with panoramic views of the river or the tranquil canal.

Moreover, it features decoration with a contemporary minimalist style, natural reflections, and a warm atmosphere perfect for families of any size. Exercise enthusiasts can enjoy a 30-minute chlorinated saltwater pool and a morning jog along the winding path around the resort.

But Sala Bang Pa-In is not just a dream place for tourists.

It can become the perfect spot for private country parties, including events ranging from romantic wedding ceremonies to family reunions for up to 20 participants. And Sala Bang Pa-In offers a luxury cruise service where people who get on board can take a beautiful and historical tour.