Anantara Spa Unveils Their New Cannabis Infused Treatments

In line with Thailand’s reopening to international tourists, Anantara Spa announces that its exclusive treatment menu has expanded, incorporating a blissful addition: cannabis-infused spa treatments. 

Anantara Spa has leveraged the restorative and anti-inflammatory compounds of some decriminalized cannabis plant elements to develop treatments that guests looking to relax and pamper themselves will love. 

With analgesic, antioxidant and inflammatory properties, cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes throughout Central Asia for hundreds of years. But, now, this luxurious spa has brought this traditional compound to let its guests know all its benefits by calming their mind, relaxing, and even relieving pain with its luxurious treatments.  

1st Treatment: Restful Slumber Journey 

Anantara Spa has thought of travelers to create this treatment. Starting with a 90-minute stress-free soak in a cannabis salt-laden bath, the Restful Slumber Journey is perfect for those who have taken long-haul flights.  

Tired guests can relax while receiving a full-body massage with cannabis oil, lavender to soothe redness or swelling, and rice milk with cannabis to improve the skin.  

When the experience is about to end, the spa offers a relaxing cup of cannabis tea that takes advantage of all CDB benefits to relax the mind and body before a restful night’s sleep.  

2nd Treatment: Cannabis Stress-release Journey 

For those who experience the debilitating effects of office syndrome or back and neck pain, there’s the Cannabis Stress-release Journey. Using essential and herbal oils that enhance the healing powers of cannabis, customers will be able to eliminate their physical discomfort and calm their minds.  

Also, with the traditional Thai herbal compress ball Luk Pra kob, deeper muscle knots are tackled, dissipating tension and pain to help guests enjoy better postural alignment, blood circulation, and relaxation.  

3rd Treatment: Head-to-toe Calming Journey 

After a long day of sightseeing or demanding activities, guests can relish this head-to-toe treatment, which begins with a relaxing cannabis foot soaking ritual to eliminate swelling and water retention.  

The spa then offers a cannabis-infused coconut oil scalp massage to release muscle tension and congestion. Combined with foot reflexology and the benefits of cannabis balm, it’s the ultimate pampering for people’s relaxation and stress release journey.

The new treatment menu will be available at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, Anantara Chiang Mai Hotel, and Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort.