COVID-19 Insurance and 50% off Membership Fee in Jetts Fitness

The gym chain with the quickest growth in Thailand is giving exercise-lovers a welcome.

On January 23, Saturday morning, the gyms reopened their usual 24-hour schedule. Considering the government’s prevention measures for COVID-19, all activities will be available except for group class studios.

Jetts Fitness will celebrate the reopening with a new campaign across Thailand.

Now, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy the gym’s membership program at half the price. Besides, they’ll have COVID-19 insurance that will cover up to 100,000 baht. Until February 21st, participants can enjoy the previously mentioned benefits.

Likewise, they will also have the chance of winning great prizes over a million baht.

The celebration will commemorate the company reaching 35 clubs across the country. Now, with the co-payment campaign to help everyone access fitness and health with less budget, Jetts Fitness will celebrate its market-leading presence in Thailand.

Several Jetts Fitness representatives have discussed their excitement.

Mike Lamb, Asia Jet Fitness’ CEO, stated he believes the fitness industry contributes to people’s health and well-being. He also mentioned he’s delighted because gyms can open with strict preventive measures.

Dane Cantwell, the Country Manager of Jetts Fitness Thailand, added that Jetts Fitness is proud to be the country’s fitness leader. The company wishes to highlight its values: making a positive impact on people’s lives.

However, they understand how COVID-19 is impacting people.

Because of that, Cantwell believes the co-payment campaign will allow more people to stay healthy in the midst of the pandemic. Now, customers can enjoy all Jetts Fitness’ facilities while being protected from the virus.