F REHAB: One of Bangkok’s Top Rehabilitation Providers

F REHAB is made up of a group of highly-skilled, multidisciplinary professionals who work in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation fields, operating out of two state-of-the-art central Bangkok facilities. Their first branch launched back in 2019 within the Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall and their second centre was recently unveiled at the PARQ, next to the Queen Sirikit MRT station.

The owners of F REHAB set out with one main objective, which was to carry out high quality physical therapy work administered by fully qualified experts, utilising the very latest in technology at prices that appeal to all. The clinic offers a wide range of popular services including treating office syndrome, injuries sustained during sport and a host of other musculoskeletal pain issues.

With many years of experience in providing rehabilitation, the team at F REHAB is led by Dr. Narin, PT Nattapong and PT Nunta, who between them have amassed considerable knowledge when it comes to all aspects of physical rehabilitation and treatment. It is not surprising that so many people swear by the quality of care at F REHAB judging by the number of testimonials confirming the superb results they regularly achieve.

The PARQ Is the Latest F REHAB To Open in Downtown Bangkok

The huge success of F REHAB at Samyan Mitrtown shopping mall led to a second branch recently opening within the PARQ, which is located at the intersection of Ratchadaphisek and Rama IV Roads. The PARQ is a mixed-use development comprised of office space, retail, residential and hospitality projects, as well as a large selection of high-end healthcare facilities.

The PARQ is a convenient location for anyone wishing to visit the clinic, benefiting from being right next to Queen Sirikit MRT station and from the 3 hours of free parking offered to anyone wishing to drive. Some of the other well-known retailers at the PARQ include: Starbucks, Tim Hortons, TONIC, Thesis, Peace Oriental Tea House, Cheat Day by Modish and Ekkamai Macchiato.

With the high footfall of the mall and the high visibility of F REHAB’s reception area, there is always a great deal of interest in the clinic from people passing by and from those who need help with any questions they may have. If it is your first trip to the clinic, or you are a long-term patient, Dr. Narin and his team work tirelessly to ensure that you will receive the highest levels of customer care and service possible.

The first thing that strikes you as you walk past one of F REHAB’s clinics is the attractive colours of their branding: the red and white shades with the distinctive yellow lightning bolt conveys a sense of power and authority. It adds confidence and trust that they get the job done with certainty and conviction.

With so many companies in the industry over promising and under delivering, F REHAB have made a tremendous job with their branding and the aesthetics of their clinics to make you feel that you are in the right place for your needs. The staff make you feel welcome as soon as you set foot in one of their vibrant clinics and they are more than helpful in answering any questions you may have.

Dr. Narin, in the photograph above, is a highly experienced and specialised rehabilitation physician in musculoskeletal medicine and sports injuries. He has more than 10 years of experience under his belt working in the industry which means with his extensive insight and expertise evident throughout the business, customers can enjoy peace of mind safe in the knowledge they are in excellent hands right from the very start.

Specialist Treatments Are Tailored to Each Individual’s Needs

The main philosophy at F REHAB to treating patients is based on two main underlying principles, which are at the very core of the business. The first is that every member of staff has made a full commitment to developing an in-depth knowledge of their patients needs so that they can respond accordingly.

Secondly, every employee believes in a tailored approach to care which empowers the patient’s overall health and wellbeing. All of their clinicians have proven skills in manual therapy and exercise prescription, and Dr. Narin believes treatment should be specifically tailored depending on the condition of the patient, with procedures such as specific joint mobilisation or manipulation and soft tissue techniques.

F REHAB aims to provide a lasting solution to your condition with a corrective exercise programme to help strengthen, align and reinforce any hands-on treatment. In this way, you will be empowered to help your own recovery rather than a reliance on a passive approach to care, which should stand you in good stead as you work hard following a strict regime to get back to your optimum levels of health and vitality.

Globe’s Exclusive Interview with Dr. Narin

Globe: What made you want to become a rehabilitation doctor?

Dr. Narin: I wanted to help people who have medical problems, there are many people in Thailand who have physical impairments, so I chose to become a rehabilitation specialist to help these people.

Globe: Do you think there was a demand in Thailand for more clinics and doctors such as yourself?

Dr. Narin: Of course, if you focus on the rehabilitation field, there are many pain points everywhere, there are many target groups like students, adults and seniors: our clinic focuses on these pain points and we want to make our services more available to people that need physiotherapy.

Globe: What made you decide to locate your centres inside shopping malls?

Dr. Narin: This is one of our achievements – easily accessible means it needs to be in a convenient place for people to access the clinic near the MRT and near the car parking. Our clinics are located near the heart of Bangkok, the accessibility is not the only benefit, we also have an affordable price, plus we offer medical certificates. We also specialise in office syndrome to help people who sit down all day.

Globe: What aspects of your work do you find the most enjoyable?

Dr. Narin: For me it was when I discovered that my business plan worked to attract more patients to the clinics. Also, when I can detect a serious illness or physical problem on some patients that others cannot see from physical examination. We had a patient that had very bad posture when he played video games, his problem was from poor posture, I managed to diagnose and fix his posture.

Globe: Can you give an example when you have a made a life changing benefit to a patient?

Dr. Narin: The most impressive case is one girl who came to the clinic last year, she is only 12 years old, she had a problem in her spinal cord and she needed surgery with a surgeon. After the surgery she still has problem with her leg power, she cannot jump or walk long distance. I suggested to her to try our physical therapy, our physiotherapist worked really hard to make her do what she wants to do again. Now, she can walk long distances and also run again and walk upstairs: the father of the girl said I had done a good job making our service accessible, and also the hospital waiting time takes too long unlike our service.

Globe: What has been the biggest challenge that your business has faced?

Dr. Narin: The biggest problem we had was during the first wave of COVID-19 last year, our clinics are based in shopping centres and last year the government shut down the shopping centres.

Globe: Did you offer any callout services during COVID last year?

Dr. Narin: During the first lockdown we did not provide any treatment, but we did provide video call consultations.

Globe: Do you have exciting plans you want to introduce to F REHAB in the future?

Dr. Narin: Our plan is too expand and develop our service and more sophisticated techniques, nowadays we have the PMS device, and we are always introducing new technology.

Globe: We thank you for your time Dr. Narin and wish you continued success.


F REHAB can be found at: Samyan Mitrtown Shopping Centre, Floor 3, 944 Rama IV Rd, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok and also at The PARQ, Floor 2, 88 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok.

Their website can be accessed at: and their Facebook Page is at: