Myanmar Bomb Landed 400 Meters from Thai Border, Killing Two Villagers

Armed conflicts in Myanmar have caused panic among Thais again after a bomb dropped by a Burmese warplane landed just 400 meters from the Thai border, killing two people.

On Friday night, a Myanmar army-operated MiG-29 jet dropped a bomb on the Karen military post in Thibabo village in Myawaddy city. However, the bomb missed its target and landed in a village, killing two people and injuring several others.

According to local media, the victims were eating at home when the attack happened. The injured were rushed by boat to Phop Phra Hospital for treatment.

Thai authorities said the bomb had landed on the Thibabo village head’s house, just 400 meters from the border, forcing nearly 100 villagers to escape across the Moei River to Thailand. Reports showed that at least 92 Karen villagers, mostly children and women, fled to the kingdom and sought refuge in Muenruechai Moo 5 village in Phop Phra.

The number of victims has not been confirmed, but local media said that three villagers were killed and three others were injured. Border authorities reportedly gave permission to transport the wounded by boat across the river to Phop Phra Hospital, Amarin TV reported.

Both the injured and the dead victims had official documents issued by the Thai authorities, such as highland cards. Another villager had a Thai identification card and another a 10-year card.

A house in a village on the border’s Thai side was also damaged by shrapnel that landed on its roof. However, no injuries were reported.

The incident occurred just a day after a Myanmar MiG-29 fighter jet entered Thai airspace, flying over Tak province.

Loud explosions in the neighboring country also left residents of the two Thai border villages terrified, forcing many to take refuge in bunkers.

On Saturday, the seventh consecutive day of intense clashes, heavy fighting was reported between Myanmarese and ethnic Karen rebels around Myawaddy town, opposite Huai Mae Mai Moo 2 and Ban Wao Lay Tai in Phop Phra.

After Myanmar’s military government apologized to Thailand for the intruder jet incident on Thursday, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha called it “no big deal” and insisted relations between the two countries remain healthy.

However, Thai soldiers have been deployed along the Burmese border to reinforce security. Pro-democracy politicians have also called on the Thai government to declare a no-fly zone over the border between both nations and take a strong stand against “war criminals.”