Authorities Finally Drain Flooded Underpass After Viral Photos

Officials eventually drained a flooded subway in the Non Sung district of Nakhon Ratchasima after locals posted photos of them using the area as a tourist attraction and swimming pool.

Locals came to the attention of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) after waiting nearly a month for the agency to drain a flooded underpass.

Residents of Tambon Non Sung were unable to use an underpass under the Northeast railway line because torrential rains flooded it on October 28.

Although the rain stopped, the road remained impassable because no authority from the rail agency drained the water.

Jitiwat Nakchamsilp had the idea to publicize the problem through social media.

Along with another man and a girl, he carried a floating bed, lounge chairs, fishing poles, and picnic equipment into the underpass to send a striking message about the flood.

In one of the photos, Jitiwat Nakchamsilp lies in a lounge chair with his partner while a girl “plays” in the water of the flooded underpass.

They posted the pictures on Facebook, and, on Friday, the post went viral. It was then picked up by the mainstream media and finally caught the attention of the SRT.

“I decided to post it to get the attention (of the SRT). People here have nobody to turn to,” Mr, Jitiwat said.

The underpass was built for the safety and convenience of residents living near the Nakjon Ratchasima-Nong Khai line; thus, it remains under SRT’s jurisdiction.

Due to the flood, the locals were forced to travel several kilometers to cross the tracks.

Once the problem spread nationally, the SRT rushed to the scene. The officers brought water pumps to drain and clean the road with the help of CK Karnchang Plc, a construction company that works on the railway line, along with the Non Sung Municipality.

In response to the viral post, the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) excused itself, alleging the ground was blocking the pipes.

Through its Facebook page, the railway agency wrote: “The drainage system in the underpass was out of order because the soil was blocking the pipes.”

“The SRT would like to apologize for this inconvenience,” it added.