Bangkok Taxis Can Now Charge Passengers Extra for Luggage

Starting today, Bangkok taxi drivers can now start to charge baggage handling fees with rates ranging from 20 to 100 baht per item, according to information published via an announcement in the Royal Gazette.

Additional charges may also apply on trips to and from airports.

Under these new regulations, drivers will be able to charge passengers an extra if they carry large luggage items. Besides, they have to inform passengers of additional costs before the trip.

Also, according to this new command, bags over 26 inches will cost 20 baht, and items over 50 inches will cost no more than 100 baht (US $3).

Other large items such as sports equipment, golf bags, surfboards, bicycles, or musical instruments will not exceed 100 baht and additional bags will cost 20 baht each after the first two items.

The Ministry of Transportation indicated that this does not apply to equipment for the disabled, such as canes and wheelchairs or any other aid for people with disabilities, the elderly, and hospital patients.

Passengers will also not be charged extra baggage fees for small personal belongings such as purses, backpacks, or computer cases.

These new regulations apply to metered taxis in Bangkok. The Ministry of Transportation lists the baggage charges as follows:

– 20 baht for each bag that exceeds 26 inches in width, height, or length.

– 20 baht for each additional piece of luggage after the first two.

– No more than 100 baht per piece for sports equipment such as golf bags, bicycles, surfboards, or instruments 50 inches or more in size.

Additionally, taxi drivers may charge additional service charges when taking passengers to or from Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi International Airports.

The Ministry of Transportation reinforces that drivers must notify passengers of the extra charges before the trip.

These new measures by the authorities would significantly benefit taxi drivers.

In September, about 500 taxi drivers demonstrated in front of the Government House.

The taxi drivers presented the government with a letter with six lawsuits asking the authorities to protect their income by controlling the price of fuel for taxis, limiting the rates of taxi-related loans, reducing taxi insurance, among others.