Bangkok Police Hunt Motorcycle Gang Linked to Shooting Probe

Bangkok Metropolitan Police deployed a special investigation team to apprehend a notorious motorcycle gang connected to a violent shooting incident.

The gang, comprising 12 motorcycles and 23 individuals, is accused of pursuing and firing upon a black Toyota Fortuner, resulting in the tragic death of a 39-year-old passenger. The incident occurred late at night when two armed assailants on motorcycles opened fire on the car.

The assault began at the LaSalle-Bearing intersection in Bang Na district, Bangkok, and continued until the vehicle reached a nightclub in Samut Prakan province.

During the attack, gunfire fatally struck 39-year-old Jesada, who was seated in the front left seat, instantly ending his life. The entire harrowing incident was captured in clear detail by CCTV footage.

On July 1, a meeting convened at Bang Na Police Station to discuss the case’s progress, attended by senior officials including Nopasin Poolsawat, Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner, and Teeradej Thammasutee, Chief of the Metropolitan Investigation Bureau.

During the meeting, officials reviewed investigative progress and outlined strategies for apprehending the perpetrators.

Nopasin disclosed that Metropolitan Police Commissioner Thiti Saengsawang had directed the team to expedite the suspects’ arrest. The victims, a group of seven, had dined at a Samut Prakan restaurant from 10:30 p.m. on June 28 until 1 a.m. on June 29.

The attackers, who meticulously planned their assault, arrived on twelve motorcycles. Eleven of these motorcycles carried two riders each, while one was ridden solo.

The conflict’s instigator, 37-year-old Warachate, was known to have a longstanding feud with the victims.

In response to the escalating provocation, the victims swiftly departed the restaurant and entered their Fortuner, initiating a pursuit of the motorcycle gang.

Nopasin highlighted the audacity of the criminals, who showed no fear of legal consequences.

Fortunately, no bystanders were injured during the incident, which occurred at night with light traffic. The gang members are suspected to be local youths from Samut Prakan.

Nopasin further elaborated that the investigation team had been tasked with locating and apprehending all gang members.

Arrest warrants have already been issued for some individuals. He emphasized the importance of preventing such violent clashes among youths, which could escalate public distress in Bangkok.

The investigation is being conducted in close collaboration with Provincial Police Region 1 and Samut Prakan Police Station. As part of the ongoing inquiry, Warachate, the driver of the Fortuner, has been detained for further questioning, according to Thai media reports.