City Hall Orders 25 More Types Of Businesses To Close

In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 following the upsurge of new local outbreaks, the City Hall has announced that 25 more types of businesses have to close.

The measure included entertainment places and became effective on January 2.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has ordered schools to be shuttered. Now, the decision covers 25 more businesses, and restaurants are expected to be the next added to the list.

Bangkok governor Aswin Khwanmuang approved the order on Friday.

It said that the new group of places with gatherings of many people that have to close are leisure venues such as bars, pubs, and similar places; water and amusement parks; playgrounds and places where children play at markets; and floating markets and flea markets.

Places offering game machines, game and internet shops, boxing stadiums, martial arts schools, horse-racing tracks, cockfighting rings, and cockfighting training rings are also part of the list.

The rest of the places that have to comply with the closure measure are:

– nurseries or elderly nursing homes, except those which already offer overnight stays.

– public bathhouses.

– massage parlors.

– competitive-sports fields.

– banquet halls and similar places.

– bull-fighting rings, fighting-fish rings, or similar places.

– development centers for small or pre-school children.

– amulet markets or centers.

– fitness centers.

– beauty service shops with no medical permits and any places providing skin-piercing services.

– spas and Thai traditional massage and foot massage shops.

– boxing training places, gymnasiums, or boxing camps.

– bowling, skate, or roller-blade venues and similar places.

– dancing halls or schools.

– all buildings at schools, tutorial schools, or educational institutions.

Under the order, alcohol consumption may not be permitted in eateries, convenience stores, food stalls or hawkers, restaurants, and food centers.

Also, service time at barbershops or hairdressers must be limited to two hours per customer, and people are not allowed to wait in their shops.

Authorities also said that other places must follow stricter COVID-19 guidelines.

On Friday, Thailand registered more than 270 new cases. 20 of them were from Bangkok and two infections are related to the Samut Sakhon cluster.

There were also two deaths, and one of them was a man living in the city capital.