Food Sector Proposes Plan to Combat Covid-19 Restrictions’ Impact

Restaurants’ True Friend has slammed the recently imposed Covid-19 control measures that force eateries in shopping malls to close.

The food service consulting company presented some proposals to the government to allow eateries to operate under strict restrictions.

In an open letter posted through Facebook, it said the measures imposed in 13 red-zone provinces baffled restaurants and eateries’ operators.

The company also questioned if the measures really help to curb transmissions.

Currently, supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies and vaccination centers in shopping malls are allowed to operate.

However, eateries and restaurants must close even though supermarkets are more crowded, the company said.

Thousands of employees have lost their jobs due to coronavirus restrictions, and Social Security Fund’s compensation is not enough to cover their spending, it added.

Lockdowns and disease control measures have also impacted major operators with large market shares in business, also affecting Thailand’s GDP.

Food ingredients stocks that operators cannot use or sell have spoiled, harming their investment capital.

Also, many of them had been struggling to find locations outside shopping malls to sell their food products.

In response, the consulting firm asked Gen Prayut and the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) to consider some of its proposals.

They include allowing eateries and restaurants located in shopping malls and department stores to operate and offer delivery services through online delivery platforms.

Also, they can offer pick-up services if premises’ owners allowed them to set up pick-up points. Only employees whose labors are related to food production would be permitted to work, the company added.

On-duty staff’s timeline should be checked and every worker must comply with Public Health Ministry’s safety protocols and recommendations to avoid spreading the virus.

Besides, all workers have to undergo Covid-19 tests and business’ owners should cooperate with authorities to guarantee safety workplaces.