BMA Launches Website to Evaluate Risk of Contracting COVID-19

Governor Aswin Kwanmuang announced that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has launched a website for those who wish to learn if they are at risk of contracting COVID-19.

The BMA has made the online platform accessible to every person after a new locally transmitted coronavirus case was reported.

The new case is the first locally transmitted case reported in the kingdom in over three months, and has sparked concerns,

According to Pol Gen Aswin, upon learning about the patient, an inmate who was a DJ at two different venues prior to his arrest, many people were alarmed as they were comprehending the reality of the disease.

Hence, the website was devised with the intention of pacifying people and easing their concerns to some extent. Individuals who are anxious about their health can access the website, fill in an online assessment form and learn if they are at the risk of contracting Covid-19.

The link of the website is

According to the governor, the new website is equipped with a form that holds multiple questions that assist in determining infection risk levels. The questionnaire was devised by medical experts, academics and BMA officials.

The same form is also floated among individuals who visit hospitals to get a Covid-19 health check-up done.

The outcome of the questionnaire categorizes people into four different groups: “no risk” (green), “to watch” (yellow), “at-risk” (orange) and “suspected” (red).

Once the form is submitted and assessed, individuals who are grouped as “suspected” will be contacted by health officials and then an appointment will be scheduled to conduct a coronavirus test with the help of the swab method.

Then, the samples are forwarded to a lab at the Faculty of Medicine at Vajira Hospital or other hospitals that are operated by the BMA, which analyze the data.

Moreover, Pol Gen Aswin informed that tests must be conducted at medical facilities that are at close proximity to people’s homes and he added that any related information will continue to remain confidential.