BMA Plans To Offer Muay Thai as an Elective Course in Schools

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is launching Muay Thai as an elective course in 437 schools it operates to preserve cultural heritage and instill discipline in youth, according to city council president Surajit Pongsingwitthaya.

He announced that these boxing classes will be included in the health science and physical education curriculum following a discussion with Thanakorn Chaisri, director of the BMA’s Education Department.

According to Mr. Surajit, this initiative will likely generate enthusiasm among students as part of the BMA’s effort to enhance Thailand’s global cultural influence through sports.

He highlighted the multifaceted benefits of Muay Thai, from instilling structure and discipline in youngsters to fostering a strong sense of sportsmanship.

Certified instructors from various Muay Thai gyms in the city will lead the courses, which are scheduled to take place after regular school hours, stated the council president.

He further mentioned that the training sessions on school grounds might also be accessible to the public or employees from other governmental bodies.

Mr. Surajit explained that this martial art could also serve as a career path, contributing to its preservation as a national treasure.

“Youngsters will understand the history (of Thai boxing) and learn to value the culture and heritage,” he stated. “It’s a sport that spreads the word about Thailand’s soft power, attracting deep interest from people around the world.”