Schools and Universities Urged To Lift Dress Codes for Students

Thailand’s Ministry of Education has directed the schools and colleges under its supervision to relax their dress code rules, aiming to help students and their families cut down on related expenses.

Issued by Education Minister Permpoon Chidchob on Thursday, the directive encourages educational institutions to consider permitting students to wear uniforms and shoes that may not strictly adhere to the dress code, provided they are still appropriate.

He also required the leadership of these schools and colleges to submit reports on the implementation outcomes and details on students who have received exemptions or waivers from the dress code to his office.

The directive aligns with the minister’s “good and happy learning” policy introduced in September of the previous year, which focuses on reducing the stress on educators, students, and their families, thereby enhancing the overall quality of education.

On Friday, Permpoon highlighted that the directive is intended to lessen the financial burden on parents and guardians who face costs associated with purchasing new uniforms and shoes at the beginning of the school term.

“The current economic situation has severely reduced the spending power of many families,” he said.

Most educational institutions across Thailand began their new academic semester on Thursday, May 16, marking the start of classes for students nationwide.

Permpoon mentioned that while educational institutions under his jurisdiction have the authority to modify the dress code, his directive primarily serves to reassure school leaders of his support for such measures.