Senior School at Wellington College International School Bangkok

Wellington College International School Bangkok is about to enter an exciting, new chapter as the first phase of its Senior School’s development is almost finished.

Magnificent facilities began to be built to accommodate future students since the project was announced. Yet every step the school has taken revolves around a rich educational philosophy.

Wellington College Bangkok, founded in 2018, has quickly become one of Thailand’s leading international schools. Moreover, its parent school, Wellington College England, is considered one of the UK’s most prestigious and revered educational institutions.

It is located just 20 minutes from downtown Bangkok, with a beautiful green campus specially designed to enhance students’ experience.

Besides facilitating the delivery of innovative educational experiences tailored to each children’s educational journey stage, Wellington College Bangkok gives its students the opportunity to receive an outstanding world-class British international education from highly trained teaching professionals.

Besides, it maintains a close working relationship with its British counterpart and with other Wellington Schools in Shanghai, Tianjin, Hangzhou and, from 2023, in Pune, India.

Each school has stood out for its academic achievements, obtaining notable success in both IGCSE and A-level. Also, all graduate students from any Wellington family’s school gain places at top international universities and colleges, including Oxbridge and the Ivy League.

Everyone who joins Wellington is motivated by its highly progressive educational approach, an intrinsic part of its ADN.

Founding Master of Wellington College Bangkok, Mr. Chris Nicholls, spoke about the new senior school facility, saying: “Our new Senior School is a beautiful marriage of design and educational philosophy; that is because we know that the quality of a child’s environment can be fundamental to both their wellbeing and their success in life.”

He also said that every corner in the new building had been created as a welcoming learning space to encourage people to spend time there.

The entire building had been organized around a spectacular central atrium that allows natural light to fall and flow around it, giving a feeling of space and tranquility, Mr. Nicholls added.

In addition, the building’s dining hall is inspired by restaurants located in some of the world’s top hotels, fostering social interaction, and its library provides an environment that promotes and recognizes knowledge and understanding.

Mr. Nicholls took a collaborative approach to design and develop the senior school building, involving teachers, students, external stakeholders and specialist designers at Space Zero, a UK-based company specializing in learning environments’ design.

Wellington College International School Bangkok’s senior school will open to students on November 1, 2021, allowing prospective families to visit its facilities following Covid-19 safety protocols.