MedPark Hospital on Track to Success With 20% Monthly Growth

MedPark Hospital proudly announced that it had reached its first milestone in six months of operation, posting a growth rate of 20% per month.

It has attracted both outpatients and inpatients, with results that underline its capacity and efforts to become a leading hospital in the country, offering its clients high-quality services based on the “Value-Based Care” concept.

The pandemic has significantly affected the spending power of Thais and foreigners. However, MedPark plans to become a reliable solution for all people despite the difficulties.

It expects to be the preferred option with a different approach. MedPark belongs to a small group of hospitals in Southeast Asia that offer advanced technology and optimized and personalized diagnostics and procedures.

One of the state-of-the-art technologies that characterize MedPark is Robotic-Assisted Surgery, an essential tool for the future of surgical processes in the country.

It has all the tools to provide precise and safe surgeries for patients. Moreover, it guarantees that all its services are backed by skilled and experienced medical staff and innovations to treat all types of cases.

MedPark has also introduced a new series of campaigns to promote understanding about the hospital.

It defines its services through a storytelling mode that Thais, residents, and visitors can easily understand. MedPark is committed to offering the best medical care in a world where people want more answers and solutions, especially when they experience new diseases.

That’s why it is always ready to adapt and become a healthcare center for the future.