Man Held for Woman’s Lumpini Park Abduction Faces Charges

After the police promptly arrested a van driver in connection to the abduction of a woman in the wee hours of Tuesday, the man has been charged with illegal detention and murder. The murder charge is related to the death of the victim’s boyfriend, who sustained several injuries in his attempt of saving her.

The abduction occurred near Lumpini Park and as a part of the investigation, the suspect Nadet Sitmanomai was taken to four different locations on Wednesday night for the crime re-enactment process.

According to Pol Col Suthee Sanehlaksana, chief of Thung Mahamek police station, an arrest warrant has already been obtained from Bangkok South Criminal Court based on the aforementioned charges.

The 35-year-old woman was pulled by a man driving a Volkswagen van at around 3 am on Tuesday. Her boyfriend, in order to try and stop the van, clung to the front of the vehicle. However, the car was deliberately crashed into the traffic signal located near the Thai-Belgian Bridge and died eventually.

In Yannawa district, the victim jumped out of the van in torn clothes and asked the passersby for help. The driver managed to flee from the scene.

On Wednesday night, the police caught the suspect in the Chom Thong area. According to media reports, he was driving his employer’s vehicle on the day of the incident. His employer is believed to be the owner of a shoe factory in Samut Sakhon.

According to Pol Col Suthee, the driver claimed that he did not plan on killing the man.

The police will take Mr Nadet to a hospital, where he will undergo forensic tests. Samples from the victim, who reported that she fought with the man in the vehicle, will also be taken and tested.

Mr Nadet will be taken to Bangkok South Criminal Court on Friday. The police plan to submit an application for his detainment for the first 12-day period, until further investigation is conducted, Pol Col Suthee concluded.