Brits Can Still Visit Thailand, Quarantine Rules Tighten

It was announced that, even though there is no ban for travelers from the United Kingdom to visit Thailand, quarantine facilities are required to tighten disease control measures for all British who arrive in the country. 

This decision came after UK health authorities found a new COVID-19 variant that is potentially more transmissible, leading other nations to close their borders to visitors coming from the European country. 

Now, British arrivals have to remain in their room for most of their stay under new regulations that the Department of Disease Control established. Besides, the department ordered Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) facilities to impose stricter measures in response to the news of the novel COVID-19 strain. 

Under those new restrictions, visitors that are traveling from the United Kingdom are not authorized to leave their room until they get a negative result for their second COVID-19 test.   

Besides, a British visitor that was already isolating in an ASQ hotel in the city capital Bangkok said that he was told not to visit the hotel’s relaxed area, which is located near the pool, until day 12 of the quarantine period. 

Officials reported that four UK visitors had tested positive for COVID-19 while being in an ASQ facility. This prompted talks about banning the British from entering the country. 

However, the Foreign Ministry of Thailand said that stringent screening measures and mandatory quarantine of 14 days are effective to contain the virus and avoid its spreading. 

Ministry deputy spokesperson Natapanu Nopakun stated that travelers from the UK are still allowed to enter Thailand, as well as visitors from other high-risk countries. However, they will be required to provide more documentation that those coming from nations considered “low-risk”. 

“The Foreign Ministry reaffirms that no additional travel restrictions have been imposed against those traveling to Thailand from the UK as we have maintained a strict screening as well as a compulsory quarantine for all inbound passengers,” he said. 

He also recommended people who want to travel to Thailand to check with their local Thai embassy as necessary documents may vary from country to country. 

“No travel ban, but of course more stringent measures in terms of documentation,” he declared.