Class Cafe Gives Free Drinks for Those Vaccinated Against COVID-19

A Cafe Chain with almost two dozen branches across Thailand has just announced the country’s first giveaway for the vaccinated.

From now on, all people who have been inoculated with a COVID-19 vaccine can get a free, sweet drink at any Class Cafe location. Inspired by the trend for overseas businesses to create campaigns to encourage people to get the shots, the company asks clients to show any evidence of at least one jab.

To get the free drink, people can display a vaccination certificate or a photograph of themselves being vaccinated.

Class Cafe would be giving away 500 delicious drinks per day at each branch, including THB90 cold-pressed juice or other beverage of THB75 value. But the deal is limited to only one drink per vaccinated client who visits any of its outlets.

It is the first campaign of its kind at a national level.

The Class Cafe giveaway comes weeks before a significant supply of vaccines reaches the public, as just over two million people have received at least one shot to date. However, more Thais are expected to have greater access to vaccines by the middle of the year.

Nakhon Ratchasima welcomed Glass Cafe, alongside former tech CEO Marut Chumkuntod, in 2013.

The chain has 22 branches in several cities and provinces in the country, including Bangkok, Karat, Pathum Thani, Khon Kaen, and Nakhon Pathom.