Ex-PM Thaksin Denies Supporting Anti-Monarchy Movements

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra denied allegations of funding movements against the Thai monarchy, calling the media reports “fake news.”

In a Facebook post shared Friday, Thaksin stressed that he was loyal to the royal institution and said the rumors were false.

“Now someone is spreading rumors that the Pheu Thai and Move Forward parties will likely be dissolved and that I’ve been supporting anti-monarchy movements.” he declared. “Rumor has it also that money is flowing into Thailand from overseas to support these movements, with an accusing finger pointing at me.”

Thaksin classified the reports as “untrue” and said he had not transferred money to finance such movements, adding: “Why would I have to do that? Making a living while living [in exile] abroad is hard enough for me.”

The former prime minister reiterated his absolute loyalty to the monarchy and said he was grateful to Thailand because he had graduated from the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School and the Royal Police Cadet Academy. Also, he was granted a scholarship by the Office of the Civil Service Commission for graduate studies in the United States.

His comments came after Palang Pracharath Party’s member Ruangkrai Leekitwattana urged the Election Commission (EC) to collect and present evidence to the Constitutional Court, seeking to dissolve political parties that have supported three anti-government protests leaders that reportedly tried to overthrow the royal institution.

Mr. Ruangkrai claimed that some political parties had assisted three protesters in what the court found to violate the constitution’s Section 49, which is related to misconduct and attempts to overthrow the constitutional monarchy. 

He cited the charter court ruling No. 19/2564, issued on November 10 and published on Monday in the Royal Gazette.

Mr. Ruangkrai also gave examples of allegedly incriminating evidence against the parties involved, accusing some parliamentarians of providing bail money to protest leaders when they were arrested for breaking the law in some demonstrations.

Earlier, a Move Forward spokesman stated that party MPs who had rescued those arrested were only fulfilling their duties and acting within the constitution’s scope.

However, the court’s charter ruling says activists Panupong Jadnok, Panusaya Sithijirawattanakul and Parit Chiwarak had violated Section 49 on at least six occasions from August 3 to 30, 2022, as defendants. They were among eight people accused of insulting the monarchy and were found guilty.