Gulf Teams Up With Google for Cloud Operations in Thailand

A subsidiary of Gulf Energy Development Plc (Gulf) has partnered with Google Asia Pacific (Google) to manage its cloud operations in Thailand.

The collaboration aims to meet the demands of local regulators and capitalize on the expanding market for secure data storage and processing.

Gulf recently informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Gulf Edge Co, has entered into a cooperation agreement with Google to operate Google Distributed Cloud (GDC) air-gapped services.

GDC air-gapped is a cloud system compliant with local laws, designed to function entirely isolated from the public internet, thus enhancing the stability and security of data.

As a Managed GDC Provider, the company will act as a Google Cloud business partner, facilitating the adoption of GDC air-gapped services in Thailand by providing expert consulting and comprehensive system management.

The primary users of the GDC air-gapped system are industries that require secure storage and processing of sensitive or confidential information, such as healthcare, energy and utilities, and public safety services.

GSA DC’s data centers are equipped to support the deployment of such cloud systems under this agreement.

Gulf Edge is the inaugural partner for Google in this venture within Thailand, aiming to offer varied cloud services including cybersecurity and artificial intelligence to foster digital innovation and drive national progress.

This partnership also opens up numerous opportunities for other services within the Google Cloud ecosystem in the future, such as AI-driven innovations and enhanced cybersecurity measures.

This partnership leverages the combined strengths of both companies. Gulf Edge boasts a rich history of launching and leading new ventures in Thailand, supported by robust partnerships across business and financial sectors.

It operates subsidiaries in telecommunications and communications services and brings expertise in power generation and renewable energy, enhancing the data center business with sustainable energy solutions.