Latest Rally: Protesters Vandalize Royal Thai Police Office

On Tuesday, pro-democracy protesters tried to throw pink dye at the Royal Thai Police Office after gathering at the Ratchaprasong intersection.

The Thalu Fa group organized yesterday’s protest, which started around 3:30 p.m. when over 100 protesters arrived to demand Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s resignation.

Shortly after 4:00 p.m., attendees marched towards the Royal Thai Police Office, located on Rama I Road.

Upon arrival, around 4:20 p.m., they started throwing pink dye bags at the police headquarters.

But officers had prepared ahead, covering the headquarters’ signage.

Tuesday’s demonstration targeted the police.

Anti-government protesters argued that security agents had violently reacted and cracked down in previous events.

Local media reported that three children aged 14-16 were shot and wounded during the clash in Din Daeng on Monday night.

A 15-year-old was reportedly in critical condition, but police denied firing live bullets at protesters.

Riot police officers fanned out outside the police headquarters, carrying water cannons that they later used to stop demonstrators.

Activist groups ended the rally there after a while.

At around 5:00 p.m., officers moved to the Din Daeng Police Station minutes before protesters showed up in the area, where large firecrackers were thrown.

Police and protesters have clashed at the Din Daeng intersection since Saturday.

However, it was unclear whether Tuesday’s clash involved the same protesters who had gathered in Ratchaprasong earlier that day.

Some demonstrators withdrew around 6:45 p.m. after the riot police took control of Din Daeng.

But fireworks exploded, and the police responded by firing tear gas.

Five minutes later, protesters and motorcyclists regrouped on Din Daeng’s flats.  More people joined them as night fell.

Protesters allegedly threw firecrackers at the police while directing laser beams at officers to prevent them from firing tear gas.

At around 8:40 p.m., the riot police were attacked with firecrackers as they tried to move to the Din Daeng flats.

Meanwhile, protesters on motorcycles gathered at the Pracha Songkroh intersection around 9:10 p.m., but they fled when the police arrived.