Over 30,000 Thais Seek Jobs in Israel Despite Ongoing Conflict

The Department of Employment (DoE) has disclosed that more than 30,000 Thai workers are interested in finding jobs in Israel, despite the ongoing turmoil in the area.

This announcement comes after Thailand received an allocation of 5,000 positions in Israel’s agricultural sector for the second half of this year.

Somchai Morakotsriwan, the director-general of the DoE, stated that Israel continues to be a sought-after destination for Thais seeking employment abroad, with 30,186 individuals showing interest in working there.

Following consultations with relevant agencies and assurances from the Israeli embassy regarding the safety of Thai workers, the DoE has lifted its previous suspension on sending workers to Israel this past Friday, Somchai explained.

Somchai mentioned that the Israeli embassy has ensured that Thai workers will be stationed only in safe regions and that emergency response strategies, including evacuation plans, are ready in case of emergencies.

The Population, Immigration, and Border Authority (PIBA) in Israel has notified Thailand about the 5,000 worker quota in the agricultural sector available from June to December, he added.

The initial group of workers traveling to Israel will consist of 1,200 individuals whose departures were delayed last year due to the attack by Hamas on October 7. They will undergo safety training prior to their departure.

The Thai embassy in Tel Aviv has urged workers to follow the safety protocols established by Israeli authorities as there remains a significant threat of violence near the northern border and the Gaza Strip.

Thai nationals residing close to conflict areas are encouraged to contact the embassy for assistance if they feel threatened and need evacuation, and they are advised to maintain a stock of emergency supplies.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry reported in February that before the Hamas attack, there were 29,900 Thai laborers in Israel. Since the attack, 9,697 have returned to Thailand, leaving 20,203 still employed there.

Following the Hamas attack, 39 Thais died and 23 were released; the whereabouts of another eight Thai hostages are still unknown.