Tanat Thanakitamnuay at Latest Protest After Losing Eye

Tanat “Hi-so Luk Nat” Thanakitamnuay, an activist who lost his right eye during a police crackdown at a recent protest, returned and joined a rally on Sunday.

Despite his unfortunate accident after the Din Daeng clash, he has vowed to continue protesting to achieve his goal of overthrowing Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Tanat attended yesterday’s protest, organized by Thalufah and held at the Democracy Monument in Bangkok, saying that he would continue participating in peaceful campaigns to achieve true democracy in Thailand.

The activist lost an eye after suffering a semicircular cut on his right eyebrow, apparently caused by a blunt cylindrical object while demonstrating in Din Daen on 13 August.

Doctors said his right cornea was torn, his right retina peeled off, and his right eyeball ruptured.

Later, they concluded that Tanat had permanently lost sight in his right eye.

Besides being a former senior member of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, whose protests were key in the 2014 military coup, he is also the scion of the wealthy property development family that controls Noble Development Plc.

On Thursday, his family revealed that they intended to sue the police for their crackdown on young pro-democracy protesters.

The activist has also rejected violence, saying he did not want Din Daeng to become a battlefield between protesters and riot police.

Furthermore, he wrote on Facebook that he would join Monday’s march at the Justice Ministry to demand the government to transfer Covid-19-infected activists to Thammasat University Hospital.

Some anti-government leaders, including Parit “Penguin” Cheewarak, have been detained at Corrections Department Hospital despite testing positive for Covid-19.

Bangkok’s Din Daeng area has become a site of clashes between young protesters and police agents over the past week.

But Thalufah has claimed that it has not been behind any of the violent protests.

On Sunday, local media reported that at least 15 protesters were arrested while demonstrating in Din Daeng.

Pol Maj Gen Piya Tahwichai, the deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, also said eight police officers were injured during a clash the day before.