Thai Embassy Increases Visa Fees for New Zealand Travellers

The Wellington-based Royal Thai Embassy has announced an increase in visa fees for travellers from New Zealand planning trips to Thailand. The new fees will take effect starting March 19, 2024.

The announcement has sparked discussions among online communities, raising concerns about potential increases in visa fees for visitors from other nationalities.

On February 23, the embassy revealed on its website that visa prices are set to rise in alignment with applicable laws, regulations, and currency exchange rates. Additionally, the embassy provided a document outlining the updated fees.

For instance, a single-entry tourist visa will now cost NZ$300 (equivalent to 6,600 baht), and a multiple-entry tourist visa, valid for six months, will be priced at NZ$1,000 (or 22,000 baht).

Furthermore, starting March 19, the embassy will discontinue accepting paper visa applications, requiring applicants to submit their requests online instead.

No other announcements regarding visa fees have been made by other embassy branches. The Royal Thai Embassy in Wellington has specifically stated that the adjusted fee structure applies only to New Zealand citizens.

Additionally, from March 19 onwards, the embassy will only accept online visa applications, discontinuing paper-based submissions. This change mandates that individuals wishing to visit Thailand apply for their visas through the internet.

The spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, Chai Watchaong, noted that in 2023, Thailand granted visa exemptions to citizens of 60 countries and plans to extend this benefit to more countries to boost tourism.

New Zealand is not included in Thailand’s current tourism enhancement plans. The Thai government recently authorized permanent visa-free entry for Chinese citizens and extended a visa exemption for Kazakh nationals until August of this year to promote tourism.

With China’s tourists as a focal point, the spokesperson revealed Thailand’s expectation to greet 8 billion Chinese visitors this year and intends to boost flight numbers between the two nations to support tourism efforts.