Thais Should Avoid Traveling to the US via Schengen Area

Thai citizens with no permanent residence in the United States should avoid traveling to the country through the Schengen Area amid the current pandemic situation, the Foreign Ministry warned.

Ministry spokesperson Tanee Sangrat revealed that the ministry had been informed of some passengers from Schengen nations who were prohibited from boarding flights to the North American country.

Mr. Tanee explained that US authorities had established Covid-19 restrictions for people traveling to the territory from the Schengen area.

Under proclamation 9993 (March 11, 2020), travel to the United States is suspended for foreign nationals physically present in any Schengen Area nation within two weeks before entering the country.

The ministry spokesman said Thai citizens should avoid traveling to the US through the Schengen Area unless they have permanent residence or are members of US families.

Otherwise, airlines may not allow them to travel on flights.

People are also strongly urged to contact the US Embassy in Thailand for advice before visiting the country if traveling is unavoidable.

In another development, the United Kingdom announced that it would include Thailand in its travel “red list” from Monday, citing the kingdom’s low vaccination rates.

The UK Department for Transport said Thailand and Montenegro would be added to the red list from 04:00 a.m. August 30, 2021, due to Covid-19 case rates in those countries.