Three Protest Groups To Rally Together on September 1st

On Tuesday, the police revealed that three anti-government protesters groups had planned rallies in different locations across Bangkok today.

Metropolitan Police Office’s Deputy Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Piya Tawichai said the Ratsadorn Taliban group would meet at the Lat Phrao intersection at 2:00 p.m.

The Ramkhamhaeng for Democracy group also planned a demonstration at 3:00 p.m. at the Kiak Kai intersection outside the parliament, where a no-confidence debate has also been organized.

Thalu Gas, another demonstration group, has also planned a meeting at the Din Daeng intersection.

Pol Lt Gen Piya warned that Bangkok is still under strict and maximum control. Therefore, rallies are prohibited.

Those who violate restrictions could face legal action under the emergency decree, the Disease Control Act, and other related laws, he added.

Moreover, following international standards, the police could intervene to enforce the law using crowd control equipment if protesters outside parliament disrupt state premises.

Agents could use tear gas, rubber bullets, or purple-tinged water cannons and they can also erect barriers or close some routes depending on the situation.

Meanwhile, the police had been preparing security measures to reduce adverse effects on the general public, including evacuation plans in case regular exit routes are blocked.

Protest leaders under arrest warrants participating in the rallies would be detained, Pol Lt Gen Piya explained.

He said 169 cases related to anti-government protests had been reported since July, with 644 protesters wanted for legal action, including 374 who have already been arrested.

Since July last year, there have been 421 cases related to protests, with 220 still under investigation. Authorities have issued 164 arrest warrants in total, Pol Lt Gen Piya stated.

The deputy police commissioner also said that six protesters had beaten and injured a police officer at the Din Daeng intersection on Sunday, adding that two of them had been detained.

According to Pol Lt Gen Piya, the police had launched an investigation into a police vehicle hit by bullet-like projectiles.

It has also been learned about two students from a vocational student group who were seen carrying weapon-like objects during the demonstration at Din Daeng, he added.