Yellow Line Monorail To Resume Regular Operations on June 10

The Yellow Line monorail system is set to resume regular services on June 10 following the completion of repair work on a damaged conductor rail, a transport official announced on Wednesday.

The need for repairs arose after a section of the conductor rail broke and fell onto a road below the monorail track on March 28, damaging several vehicles.

Montri Dechasakulsom, the deputy permanent secretary for the Ministry of Transport, announced that precautions have been implemented to prevent similar incidents in the future.

According to Mr. Montri, new heat sensors have been put in place and are currently undergoing tests to make sure the bolts holding the conductor rails remain secure and do not loosen from overheating, as they did previously.

He mentioned that the testing of this new heat detection system is expected to take at least 10 days.

Mr. Montri is also the head of the government committee responsible for managing the Blue, Yellow, and Pink lines, which are operated by private entities under governmental concessions.

The mishap took place when bolts loosened, causing the conductor rail to detach and fall onto vehicles at a traffic light beneath the elevated track in eastern Bangkok.

This event caused disruptions in the electrical systems of the rail between the Kalantan and Si Udom stations, leading to the temporary closure of the line.

The line was briefly reopened the following day, however, damage to one of the rails between Hua Mak and Si Iam stations necessitated the use of a single track for train operations between these stations.

Mr. Montri noted that since the incident, the Yellow Line has been running at reduced capacity, offering tickets at a 20% discount. Upon resuming full operations, the standard fare will be reinstated.

The exact date of June 10 for the return to normal operations will be confirmed later by the Yellow Line operator, he added.

Moreover, the committee has been informed that enhanced security measures have been implemented at all construction sites along the Pink Line’s extension to Muang Thong Thani.

Just two days after the March 28 incident, an accident occurred where wet-mix concrete spilled from a construction site on the elevated track extension, causing damage to a vehicle and injuring a passenger.

The Yellow Line is managed by Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co and the Pink Line by Northern Bangkok Monorail Co, both of which are part of the BSR JV Consortium.

This joint venture includes major firms like BTS Group Holdings, which holds a 75% share, along with Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction, and Ratch Group, a leading power producer.