Turkey Aims to Draw Thai Visitors With Tourism Package Launch

The Turkish Culture and Tourism Ministry has launched a tourism package called “Safe Tourism Certificate” to draw foreign tourists from around the world including Thailand to Turkey.

The ministry introduced the concept to foreign ambassadors and international media at the southern resort city of Antalya last weekend, the Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Office, based in Kuala Lumpur, said on Wednesday.

They said the meeting gave participants an opportunity to experience Turkey’s “Safe Tourism” practices.

The safety measures cover arrangements from the airport, to the transfer vehicle and hotel. Turkey, the office said, was the first country in Europe to launch a safe tourism certification system.

Minister of Tourism and Culture Mehmet Nuri Ersoy welcomed the guests. “We would like take this opportunity to remind our guests that we are looking forward to welcoming their citizens to Turkey after the resumption of international flights,” he said.

Turkey presents a range of tourism facilities for Thais especially in the adventure, medical, culinary and cruise segments.

In collaboration with the Embassy of the Turkish Republic in Thailand, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism would organise workshops and cultural events to promote Turkey and forge stronger bonds between Thais and the Turkish people.

2018 was declared as a Reciprocal Cultural Year between two countries. Various cultural exchanges have been established and cultural ties between the countries enhanced through special cultural events.

The number of visitors from Thailand to Turkey increases every year. The number of visitors reached 62,192 last year, up from 54,098 in 2018.

“Thailand is one of the prominent countries in Asia which has established hygiene measures and guidelines declaring health and safety will be Thailand’s number one priority when tourism returns,” the Turkish Embassy Tourism & Information Office said.

“In this sense, we believe that bilaterally we can begin tourism [again] as these two countries give priority to safety measures during the Covid-19 normalisation process,” the office said.