China Fires Missiles Near Taiwan, Five Land in Japan’s Waters

China has fired at least 11 ballistic missiles into waters near Taiwan as part of military exercises announced after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the island.

Taiwan authorities told local and international media that Beijing had launched the missiles around Taiwan’s northeastern and southwestern coasts.

Japan’s officials called on China to immediately stop the exercises after five missiles landed in its waters.

The move came after Ms. Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier this week. China has insisted that her visit was a challenge to the country’s claims on the island.

Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province that should be brought under its control even though it has been independent for all practical purposes for more than 70 years.

While the United States does not officially recognize Taiwan as a country, Washington maintains strong relationships with Taiwanese authorities and sells weapons to the island’s government to defend itself.

Ms. Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was brief but fueled tensions between the two world powers. She was the first top-ranking American politician to visit the island in the last 25 years.

However, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Ms. Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan was “maniac, irresponsible and irrational.”

Later, the Chinese government announced that it would conduct an unprecedented launch of ballistic missiles and military exercises off the island’s coast.

The Chinese military’s Eastern Theater Command issued a statement, saying: “The exercises focus on key training sessions including joint blockade, sea target assault, strike on ground targets, airspace control operation.”

According to Taiwan’s defense ministry, the country has activated its defense systems and is keeping an eye on the situation.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry condemned China for “following the example of North Korea” in intentionally shooting missiles into waters near other nations.

On Thursday, Japan also criticized China’s move. The country’s defense minister Nobuo Kishi stated: “We strongly condemn the act as it is a serious issue concerning Japan’s security and the safety of Japanese people.”

The international community has also raised concerns about the situation, as China’s missile launches have caused disruptions to sea and air routes to and from Taiwan. The conflict is expected to impact supply chains and cause delays in global shipments.