Gun Pulled on Starbucks Worker Over Missing Cream Cheese

An angry man allegedly pulled out a gun at a Starbucks drive-thru worker in Florida upon noticing that his bagel was missing cream cheese, Miami Gardens police said.

Unfortunately for him, the famous franchise’s employee happened to be the daughter of the city’s police chief.

According to local media, authorities identified the man as Omar Wright, 38. He allegedly got angry with the drive-thru worker because she forgot to put cream cheese on the bagel he ordered.

When Mr. Wright realized she had messed up his order earlier this week, he allegedly went back to the window and screamed at the police chief’s daughter for the mistake.

Arrest reports said the man was enraged and pulled out a gun when the woman asked him if he had paid for the missing cream cheese. Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt told the media that the experience traumatized her 23-year-old daughter.

The young Starbucks worker clarified the man did not point the gun at her but said she feared Mr. Wright would hurt her if she did not give him the cream cheese.

“She felt in fear of her life,” Noel-Pratt said, adding: “It was upsetting to me to know that someone would go to that extreme not having cream cheese on her bagel.” In an exclusive interview with Local 10 News on Thursday, she also stated: “Forget about the badge, forget about the title, that’s my child. And I thought about, am I going to see her again? Is she OK? Of course, she was upset, she was crying, and so I had to go into mom mode.”

The 23-year-old woman gave the irate man the cream cheese, and he drove away when the cops were called.

However, Mr. Wright was arrested Thursday morning and remained in police custody for assault and armed robbery charges. He briefly appeared in court on Friday morning and said that he should not face the armed robbery charge, claiming that he grabbed and put the gun in the air because it was falling out of his pocket.

Mr. Wright denied threatening the woman, and his case was reset for Friday afternoon to give his attorney more time to review the affidavit.

Later, Starbucks issued a press release that reads: “We were concerned to learn about this incident that occurred on Wednesday at one of our Miami Gardens stores. The safety of our partners (employees) and customers is always our top priority, and we are grateful to learn that no one was injured.”