Joe Biden Blames Poor Debate Performance on Jet Lag, Travel

President Joe Biden blamed his poor debate performance last week on jet lag, admitting to reporters that he “wasn’t very smart” to “travel around the world a couple of times” before the debate.

“I didn’t listen to my staff… and then I nearly fell asleep on stage,” he said. Biden, aged 81, had returned from his travels on June 15, almost two weeks before the debate on June 27.

Biden’s comments came during a period of internal party turmoil concerning his mental fitness as the November election approaches.

This happened shortly after a congressman from Texas set a precedent by being the first incumbent Democratic lawmaker to suggest that Biden withdraw following the debate.

“I am hopeful that he will make the painful and difficult decision to withdraw,” stated Rep Lloyd Doggett in a release on Tuesday.

During a recent debate with former President Donald Trump, Biden seemed to falter in his responses.

“It’s not an excuse but rather an explanation,” he mentioned at a private fundraiser in Virginia on Tuesday night about his travels.

He also apologized for his performance and stressed the importance of winning re-election.

Biden made two trips to Europe within a two-week period last month. On June 15, after flying overnight from Italy, he attended a fundraiser with former President Barack Obama, returning to Washington DC the next day.

White House officials had previously noted that Biden was suffering from a cold on the day of the debate.

Biden made no mention of any illness in his comments on Tuesday, and a White House spokeswoman stated earlier that he hadn’t taken any medication for the cold during the debate.

Biden also spent six days at Camp David, preparing for his debate with Trump.

The New York Times reported, citing an anonymous source, that Biden started his days at 11:00 AM during his Camp David stay and had scheduled nap times daily.

The newspaper also noted that travel fatigue had truncated his debate preparations by two days, allowing him some rest at his Delaware beach house.

Andrew Bates, a Biden spokesperson, clarified that the president started his day “working well before” 11:00, following his exercise routine, while at Camp David.

Concerns about his age have been prevalent this election season, with multiple polls suggesting voters doubt his effectiveness due to his age.

Biden currently stands as the expected Democratic nominee for the presidency. Despite his performance in the debate, he has pledged to remain in the race.

In his statement on Tuesday, Rep Doggett, aged 77, emphasized that the debate convinced him to recommend that Biden should withdraw.

“Instead of reassuring voters, the President was unable to effectively champion his significant achievements or counter Trump’s numerous misstatements,” stated Rep Doggett, who took office in 1995 and is seeking reelection.

He expressed concerns over the risk of Biden losing to Trump due to fears regarding his age.

“While his policies have been groundbreaking, he promised to serve as a transitional figure,” he said about Biden.

“He has a chance to foster a new generation of leadership, who could potentially be the nominee to unify our nation through a democratic process.”

“My decision to express these strong reservations publicly was not made lightly and does not lessen my respect for all that President Biden has accomplished,” added Rep Doggett.

Biden is scheduled for a primetime interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Friday, his first since the debate.

While many Democratic leaders have expressed worries about Biden’s age and energy, only Rep Doggett has thus far urged him to step aside.

Other senior Democrats have acknowledged concerns over Biden’s electability but emphasized that the decision to withdraw from the race rests solely with him.