George Clooney and Family Caught in Severe Italian Floods

Famous Hollywood actor George Clooney was among people caught up in floods that hit Italy.

Pictures circulating in media outlets showed Clooney with Laglio Mayor Roberto Pozzi after the dramatic downpour that forced 60 residents to evacuate.

The Syriana star was with his wife Amal and his children at their vacation home on Lake Como when a torrential 72-hour downpour hit the town.

Rivers and streams overflowed due to heavy rains in northern Italy.

According to official reports, over 60 people were rescued after landslides and floods wreaked havoc in cities surrounding Lake Como.

Local media reported that the road outside the Oceans Eleven star’s home, located in Villa Oleandra in Laglio, turned into a river.

Mayor Pozzi said the road couldn’t be accessed due to floods.

Also, tree trunks and huge rocks washed down the nearby mountainside, sweeping past near his property.

Fortunately, Clooney and his family were unharmed. However, the A-list actor said in an interview with Italian media that conditions were worse than reported.

“They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up,” he said, according to The Sun.

The extreme weather that affected the Italian town’s residents, including Clooney, came after Storm Dennis flooded his £12 million mansion in Berkshire.

In February 2020, Storm Dennis hit the UK, causing the River Thames to overflow, engulfing Clooney’s 17th-century pad.

Several areas in the property, including the terrace and the tennis court, were submerged by the dirty floodwater.

Yesterday, in conversations with Italian media, Clooney said the situation was worse than anyone thought.

“We were in Cernobbio and it was very bad. But here in Laglio it’s much worse,” he added.

Mayor Pozzi said he ordered residents from danger zones to evacuate. Moreover, he revealed that four houses near the American actor’s property had been destroyed by the flooding.

“We had three days of continuous rain and then all hell broke loose and we were flooded with an amazing wall of water and debris from the mountain,” he went on.

Official reports stated at least 50 residents were trapped in their homes after a landslide caused a gas leak in Brienno, the worst-hit city.