Michael J. Fox Joins Coldplay on Stage During Glastonbury Show

The Glastonbury Festival audience on Saturday night was thrilled by a surprise cameo from movie star Michael J. Fox during Coldplay’s headlining performance on the Pyramid Stage.

Chris Martin and his band electrified the stage that evening, captivating the audience with a series of unexpected moments.

However, the highlight of the night was undoubtedly when cinema icon Michael J. Fox made a surprise appearance, sparking a wave of excitement that swept everyone to their feet.

Chris Martin introduced him with great enthusiasm, proclaiming, “Here comes another legendary Michael – one who truly rocks. With his Chuck Berry riff and his iconic punch at Biff, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Michael J. Fox.”

The audience erupted into cheers as Michael made his way onto the stage, radiating dynamic energy and sheer joy.

His participation elevated the performance as they belted out one of their popular songs, stirring immense excitement among the fans who expressed their joy on various social platforms.

Tweets celebrating Michael’s memorable guest spot flooded in. One fan ecstatically wrote, “Is there anything more wholesome than watching Michael J. Fox rocking out on stage with #Coldplay at #Glastonbury and absolutely loving it?”

Another admitted, “Omg, Michael J. Fox. I’m in tears. #Glastonbury.” A third commented, “Michael J. Fox on stage with Coldplay performing ‘Fix You’ #Glastonbury.”

A fan remarked, “Turned on the Coldplay #Glastonbury set for a bit, only to see THE Michael J. Fox on stage, strumming a guitar while ‘Fix You’ rings out to thousands… that’s quite something.”

“Not a big fan of Coldplay these days, but you’ve got to admire their knack for moments like these,” another viewer remarked. The surprises continued: “I didn’t expect Michael J. Fox to be a special guest for Coldplay! #Glastonbury.”

One viewer emotionally posted, “SOBBING at Michael J. Fox. Bawling. This is just the magic of music #Glastonbury,” while another exclaimed, “Watching Michael J. Fox rocking out on stage with a guitar alongside Coldplay is pretty darn special! #Glastonbury.”

After their rendition of “Fix You,” Chris Martin honored Michael J. Fox, noting that the ‘Back to the Future’ star inspired the formation of the band.

Earlier in the year, Michael, who has Parkinson’s disease, shared his views on his diagnosis, describing it as a “gift.” He explained, “People might say it’s the gift that keeps on taking, but to me, it’s a gift.”

He added, “It took a while, but I realized I had to transform it into something positive that could impact others in a good way. So, I started a foundation to do just that.”