Emily in Netflix Series ‘Emily in Paris’ To Be More French

“Emily in Paris” main character, Emily, will act in a more French manner in its second season, producers of the smash-hit series have revealed.

Darren Star, the creator of Netflix’s hit show, said the character played by Lily Collins would learn to better assimilate into French culture. “For me, it’s the evolution of the character. I think when someone goes to Paris for the first time, they are overwhelmed by the beauty of the city and that’s what they’re seeing,” Star told Variety in an interview published Tuesday.

Emily in Paris became the streaming service’s biggest comedy series of the year, with 58 million households watching it during the first month of debut.

However, despite the enormous popularity it gained worldwide, the show also faced criticism over how it showcased French culture. Some critics said that the series showed a glamorous view of Paris through the eyes of an American girl.

But Darren Star confirmed that it was the series’ intention.

“I think, perhaps, a lot of viewers who lived in Paris for a long time didn’t quite understand that this was through the lens of a character who was experiencing the city for the first time. That’s how she was perceiving it — she was really struck by the beauty that was all around her,” he added.

Season 1 of the show followed Emily, a 20-something from Chicago who gets a job at a Paris-based marketing firm to provide an American perspective on things.

The story focuses on the challenges Emily faces professionally and socially, primarily regarding the new friends she meets and the ups and downs of her love life. But the second season promises a slightly more diversified character.

“Emily will embrace the city a little bit more,” Star told the publication.

“When she got there, she got a bit of a free pass in the beginning and I don’t think it will be quite as easy for her in second season. I think she will be more assimilated, in terms of living in Paris and stepping up to the challenges of learning the language,” he went on.

Production on the second season began on Monday and would shoot in Paris, St. Tropez, and other locations in southern France.

Star also talked about Emily’s love interest Gabriel, a French chef played by Lucas Bravo. “There was a twist at the end of the first season that she did not see coming, and I think there’s a lot of fallout that happens from the in the new season,” he said.