Netflix’s Popular Thriller Series You Returns With Season 3

Netflix’s highly anticipated stalker series “You” is back, with ten episodes premiering on the streaming platform on October 15.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, the main stars of You’s third season, return after a nearly two-year gap to play a fatally flawed couple facing problems over their toxic relationship.

The new season follows Joe Goldberg (Badgley) and Love Quinn (Pedretti), showing their new life as a married couple with a son. But the story gets a bit twisted when Joe, the tech-savvy stalker who breaks down frequently, reverts to his obsessive demeanor.

The pair experiences some joys and headaches associated with parenting. Joe, who frequently directs his narration to his young son, promises to become a better man for Love and their kid.

However, a flirtatious neighbor arrives and hinders his attempt to turn over a new leaf.

Other main characters in the cast are Love’s mother Dottie Quinn (Saffron Burrows), Joe’s new neighbor Marienne Bellamy (Tati Gabrielle), wealthy businessman Cary Conrad (Travis Van Winkle), the popular influential mother Sherry Conrad (Shalita Grant), and a college student Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold.)

Joining the series’ cast in its already-aired seasons are Shannon Chan-Kent, Ben Mehl, Christopher Sean, Bryan Safi, Christopher O’Shea, Ayelet Zurer, Mackenzie Astin, Mauricio Lara, Noel Arthur, Scott Michael Foster, and James Scully.

One new character is Natalie Engler, Joe’s neighbor, played by Michaela McManus.

The actress, known for her work on Aquarius, Law & Order, One Tree Hill, and Special Victims Unit, first appeared on You at the end of the second season.

You, a show based on a book written by author Caroline Kepnes, had become a social media sensation, making a footprint in pop culture even before Netflix acquired it from Lifetime in 2018.

Its third season has shown that it stays true to viewers and loyal fans’ expectations. According to the Independent, it moves at a “delightfully breathless” pace.

“There are a lot of moving parts, but they are dealt with in a clear, energetic way that never allows the plot to meander. Pedretti and Badgley have each perfected the art of embodying their mercurial characters. The possibility of a disastrous bombshell lurks behind every raised eyebrow, every tilt of the head,” it said.