Prince William Is Named As the Sexiest Bald Man Alive

Dwayne Johnson, better known as The Rock, responded to a recent study that voted Prince William the “sexiest bald man alive” and demanded a recount.

Cosmetic surgery specialists Longevita published a list of the sexiest follically-challenged men in the world. They determined who deserved the title by looking at how many times different celebrities had been described as “sexy” in blogs and online articles.

Prince William was voted the sexiest bald man on the planet, reaching 17.6 million mentions.

Johnson came in ninth place, just ahead of Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, with 2.6 million blog posts. However, the 48-year-old man disagreed with the result.

He shared an article about the voting on Twitter, where he wrote: “How in the cinnamon toast f**k does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?! #demandingrecount.”

Fans of the retired professional wrestler, who has more than 15 million followers on the social media platform, responded quickly to the post, insisting that he should have won the first spot – although it was not Johnson’s opinion.

One user wrote: “We know by far you are the sexiest bald man in the universe. We luv you !!! Damn!!!!!!”

“It was clearly rigged. The world should demand a recount as soon as possible,” another fan wrote, adding: “All votes must be counted!” Besides, one more Twitter user posted: “Exactly, but you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You are the be all and end all of Gorgeousness. “

The Baywatch Star’s tweet got 81,000 likes and was shared 8,200 times.

The exhaustive search on Google to count how many times celebrities were described as “sexy” left former world boxing champion Mike Tyson in second place, with 8.8 million mentions. Action star Jason Statham took third place with 7.4 million.

The American rapper, Pitbull, was voted in fourth place with 5.4 million mentions.

Michael Jordan ranked fifth with 5.3 million, followed by Floyd Mayweather at sixth (4.3 million), John Travolta at seventh (3.8 million), Bruce Willis at eighth (3.3 million), and Vin Diesel at 10th (2.3 million).