Juve Chairman Acknowledges End of European Super League

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli said on Wednesday that the European Super League project cannot go ahead after the disdain shown by the fans for it and the exodus of almost all the founding teams.

Asked whether the ESL still had a chance of becoming a reality, the Italian was clear: “To be frank and honest no, evidently that is not the case,” he said.

“I remain convinced of the beauty of that project, of the value that it would have developed to the pyramid, of the creation of the best competition in the world, but evidently no. I don’t think that project is now still up and running,” the chairman added.

It should be recalled that on Tuesday, the six English founding clubs announced their decision to withdraw from the tournament. On Wednesday they were joined by Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus themselves.

Agenlli’s words are to be noted, since he was one of the chief architects of the breakaway plans, which involved 12 clubs from England, Spain and Italy.

At the moment, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only teams still in the moribund tournament that are yet to comment.

Thus, the unviability of the project seems to have reached a foreseeable and damning point of no return.