Manchester United Beat Villareal in Champions League

The Portuguese found Villarreal in the 78th minute, and Sancho put an end to this game with his debut goal in the 90th minute. Ronaldo knocked down Villarreal in the second round gave the final blow to Atalanta in the next round.

Tonight he broke the monotony in Spain with a goal that turned out to be key for United’s certification of passing among the best 16 teams in Europe. The goal came as a result of Capoue’s recklessness, but Ronaldo, as always, was where he should be lobbying Rulli from the edge of the penalty area fifteen minutes before the end.

An hour before the game, Villarreal was much closer to scoring. Trigueros picked up one deduction superbly but was intercepted by David de Gea on his way to the goal. The spectacular intervention saved United, which was terrified, and a few minutes later when Danjuma kicked.

Ronaldo’s goal “killed” the self-confidence of the “Yellow Submarine”, which did not seriously threaten United’s goal until the end of the game. In the end, Jaydon Sancho scored his debut goal, much later than expected when he was bought for 85,000,000 euros this summer.

“We came here to win. I believed we could and were ready. It was not an easy match, they are a solid team. They make you do well. But the boys dug all the time to win”.

“It was not easy in the previous days and this victory is for Ole. There is a lot of work ahead of us and thank God this turned out well” – said Carrick after the match.

Later on Tuesday, Chelsea’s convincing 3-0 victory against Juventus.  Barcelona did not beat Benfica this time either, considering that the match ended 0-0. The most goals were seen in the match between Young Boys and Atalanta which ended 3-3.