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Formula 1 Sprint Qualifying Set To Debut This Weekend

This weekend could mark a turning point in the history of Formula 1 and perhaps even in the history of modern motor racing. The eagerly awaited British Grand Prix will take place and will include a new format including a second race to complement the main event.

This is an unprecedented event as, for the first time in history, the grand prix will not be the only F1 race on a world championship weekend.

We are referring to the nascent “sprint qualifying”, a shorter race that will take place on Saturday afternoon and will decide the grid for the conventional race on Sunday.

The length of this innovative race will be just over 100km (or about one third of the distance of a grand prix) and its starting order will be determined in a normal qualifying session, scheduled for Friday afternoon.

There will be over 17 laps, the choice of tyres for the start will be completely free and pit stops for different compunds will not be mandatory.

This modification to the traditional format has been made with the aim of providing a greater competitive jeopardy to the drivers which in turn gives the event a “spicier” feel and attracts more interest.

So far, drivers have given a cautious welcome to this new and risky idea.