International Olympic Committee Aims To Organise “Successful and Safe” Games

Despite the adversity, speculation and rumours, the Olympic and Paralympic Games remain on track.

Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), again made clear his commitment to deliver a “successful and safe” event despite the complications caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although Japan is facing a health emergency due to a third wave of Covid-19, the Olympic start date (23 July) remains unchanged.

According to Bach, all the parties involved in the organization, including the Japanese government, were “fully united and committed” to going ahead with the rearranged Games.

The German also recalled that organising a Games in the midst of an ongoing pandemic is unprecedented, therefore the complexity of staging the events has “multiplied”.

The IOC President’s statements have provided another important piece of news, as he has admitted for the first time that there may be no crowds at the event.

“This I cannot tell you. We will do whatever is needed to organise a safe Games, we are learning every day with hard work, and with all the physical and mental strength that we can have” Bach said.

He made it clear that the determination to host the Games is enormous: “We are not speculating whether the Games are taking place, we are working how the Games will take place.”