WPA Urges IOC To Ensure “World-Class COVID-19 Protections” at Games

On Wednesday, the World Players Association (WPA) said that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) “must urgently guarantee world-class Covid-19 protections” in order for the Olympic Games to be contested in a very safe manner.

The WPA (the body that represents athletes worldwide) also complained that the IOC’s current protocols “lack the same rigour and resources” seen in professional team sports.

“Despite having the benefit of time, knowledge and experience to prepare for this year’s Olympics, it is alarming that so close to the planned opening, the IOC’s measures fall so far behind the required standards,” Brendan Schwab, the WPA’s executive director, reproached.

Biosecurity has been the main topic of discussion surrounding the event as Tokyo (the host city for the Games) is under a state of emergency due to an alarming increase in coronavirus cases.

This situation has compromised the reputation of the Olympics, which were postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the time being, the state of emergency is scheduled to be lifted at the end of May, two months before the Olympics (set to begin on 23 July).

Meanwhile, an IOC spokesperson said that the World Health Organisation has “confidence that the IOC and the Japanese Government, will make the right decisions regarding how best to manage the risks.”