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Festival Root the Future Arrives to On Nut This Month

Root the Future Thailand 2020

On October 17th and 18th, the Asia’s biggest plant-based and sustainability festival will arrive in the green space of On Nut. This green area of more than 24,000 square meters will host enormous varieties of food for lovers of vegan and plant-based dishes, including vegan burgers, dairy-free cupcakes, vegetable-based noodles, and meatless meatballs.

This event will take place over two days from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and will bring together a group made up of more than 60 vendors selling vegan-inclined foods, plant-based offerings, organic produce, and even a vegan barbecue.

Besides, visitors will not only be able to taste vegan dishes and buy or drink natural beverages, but they will also be able to enjoy workshops, gifts, and discussion panels on the subject.

At the Root the Future festival, there will also be live music and film screenings for all those curious about the vegan universe.

The event is organized by Sansiri Backyard, where it will take place, and Root the Future. The latter is a vegetarian and sustainability-conscious community founded by the team of Max Hellier and Joanna Broomfield.

This couple also organized a market based on plants and organic products in the Ekkamai area in July this year.

Similarly, single-use plastics will not be allowed at the festival, so the event organizers urge visitors to bring their own reusable bags and containers.

In this activity, Phuture Meat will also make its grand debut. It is a company that produces and sells plant-based food intending to redefine the future of food and the way people eat.

They will be offering some of their products, so diners will have the opportunity to try their vegan burger, gyoza, steamed buns, and meatballs for the first time.

In addition to all the food alternatives available for purchase at Root The Future Festival, vendors will also sell bamboo and wicker items, soaps, sustainable fashion, indoor plants, grass plants, seeds for planting, and more. Also, all manufacturers are local to Bangkok and Thailand.

There will also be many giveaways and prizes for attendees, and any unsold food will be rescued and rehomed by Yindii.

On the official website of Root The Future, its organizers describe the event as:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Local
  • Environmentally Sustainable Sellers
  • Vegan BBQ
  • Organic Produce
  • Zero-Waste Refill
  • Vegan Cakes
  • Plant Milks
  • Plants & Seeds
  • Giveaways

Moreover, they advise interested people to keep their eyes peeled on Root The Future’s Instagram and Facebook stories to discover everything that the event will bring for all visitors.