Brighton College UK: England’s School of the Decade

Brighton College UK, a sister school to Brighton College Bangkok, received The Sunday Times’ most prestigious educational award by being named the UK School of the Decade.

The coeducational school, which belongs to a family of schools spanning the UK, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, has been ranked the best for academic results. On average, one in six Brighton College students gets an offer to study at Oxford and Cambridge.

Additionally, more than 180 students have filled positions at Oxbridge over the past six years.

Reports show that 98% of the Brighton College student population receive offers from the UK’s leading universities. Moreover, over the past four years, the family of schools’ Year 13 pupils have been accepted to study at more than 30 different universities in the United States and Canada, including Harvard and Brown.

The school has been making efforts to adapt to constant changes in order to address the several challenges of the last decade.

It has ensured that children are equipped with excellent GCSE and A-level results and understand how they must face the difficulties of today’s world. Also, it prepares them to play their role in society and lets students feel valued for who they are and by their peers.

The Head Master of Brighton College Bangkok, Mike Walton, works hand in hand with their partners in the UK to guarantee that Thailand’s pupils experience the world-class level of education that The Sunday Times has awarded.

Brighton College Bangkok offers quality teaching education with ongoing help to students to excel and develop professionally and personally and a wide range of co-curricular opportunities for their academic progress.