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Denmark’s Epic Coffee Roaster La Cabra Opens Bakery in Silom

La Cabra, a popular coffee roaster café originated in Denmark, opened a new bakery branch in Silom earlier this month, expanding its presence alongside its beloved Taladnoi and Ari locations.

La Cabra has garnered a dedicated following thanks to its expertly crafted pastries and a selection of seasonal coffee beans, each chosen to suit the tastes and resources of the local market.

The new bakery continues this tradition, combining international quality with local flavours.

Upon entering the Silom branch, visitors are greeted by the enticing aroma of freshly baked treats emerging from the open kitchen.

One of the standout offerings is the mango sticky rice tart, priced at THB 250.

This unique pastry, available only in Thailand, features a toasted biscuit base topped with a layer of fresh mango and a creamy rice mousse, using locally sourced ingredients to create a delightful seasonal dessert.

La Cabra also brings a piece of its Scandinavian heritage to Thailand with the introduction of its signature cardamom buns, a recipe that has been cherished since it first debuted in the original Aarhus branch in 2014.

Reasonably priced at THB 100, these buns feature beautifully intricate swirls of dough that encapsulate the rich, buttery flavours and aromatic spices, offering Thai patrons a taste of traditional Scandinavian baking.

The Talad Noi branch, which opened its doors in 2020, marked La Cabra’s initial foray into Thailand, followed by a second location in Ari at Vanit Village.

The new bakery in Silom is located on the first floor of The Fifth Silom, at Silom Soi 3. It is open Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6 pm.

Should you require any further information about the café, please contact them directly at 084-246-2295.