High Temperature Expected To Continue Until the End of April

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has issued a warning that temperatures in Thailand are expected to rise until the end of this month, followed by an improvement in conditions with the arrival of the rainy season.

According to the TMD’s forecast, high temperatures will persist in Thailand from April 28 to May 7.

The TMD noted that hot weather will continue from April 28 to May 2, due to a low likelihood of rain, except near the Andaman Sea in the southern region.

A shift in wind direction from May 3 to 7 will bring rain clouds to the Northeast and East of Thailand, leading to more moderate temperatures.

The department mentioned that the typical summer season in Thailand spans from mid-February to mid-May.

Due to the direct overhead sun rays received in tropical zones, Thailand, situated close to the equator, experiences intense solar radiation around noon during this month, driving temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.

The southwest monsoon, occurring from May to October, will enhance rainfall and subsequently help in lowering the temperatures.

Temperatures in September are expected to be cooler due to increased rainfall and humidity.

On a recent Sunday, the highest temperatures in the north varied from 39 to 44°C, while the northeast saw temperatures from 42 to 44°C.

In the central plains, temperatures were recorded between 39 and 44°C, and in the east, they ranged from 35 to 42°C.

The southern region experienced temperatures from 35 to 41°C in the east and from 35 to 38°C in the west.

In Bangkok and nearby provinces, temperatures were found to be between 35 and 42°C.

Seree Supratid, the director of the Climate Change and Disaster Centre at Rangsit University, indicated in a Facebook post on Saturday that temperatures in Thailand are likely to increase until the second week of the following month and then decline in June.

Mr. Seree also pointed out that global temperatures are on the rise due to the continued use of fossil fuels. He further stated that Thailand might face up to 18 tropical storms from May through October.