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Ignite Flavour Through Fire With Thammachart Seafood’s Charbon

Charbon by Thammachart Seafood, which opened to great fanfare in December, has built up a loyal following for its flame-cooked specialties on the ground floor of Phrom Phong’s EMSPHERE. The eatery recently hosted the Chef’s Table event “Charbon’s Flaming Feast With Fremantle Octopus”, together with the sustainable seafood firm Fremantle Octopus.

This event highlighted its enticing fusion of culinary art and open-flame cookery, featuring the finest ingredients and sustainable seafood. Co-founders Mr. Julian G. Davies and Mrs. Yeeran G. Davies were on-hand to cordially welcome the esteemed guests to the venue.

Diners were able to sample three delightful dishes, expertly prepared by Charbon’s Head Chef Jahlinnson Rodriguez, seen to the right of the second photo below, who teamed up with Fremantle Octopus Product Specialist Sina Sucuka, seen in the photo with the chef.

Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from Sina regarding Marine Stewardship Council-certified fisheries and the wild-caught processes that Fremantle Octopus employ in order to lessen the impact on wild fish populations and the broader ecological system.

He also discussed the company’s methods of traceability with the gathered diners, noting that each item has a barcode on the back of the package. This unique marking charts the product’s journey from ocean to plate, providing consumers full transparency concerning its origins and processing methods so they can be assured of excellent safety standards.

Sina also extolled the health benefits of octopus, known for its high levels of protein, iron, Omega-3 oil and zinc, without containing harmful cholesterol. Octopuses consume many different seafood species, such as swimmer crabs, prawns, scallops, lobsters, and more.

Savour Sumptuous Octopus, Flame-Cooked to Perfection

The Chef’s Table event at Charbon was a prelude to the launch of a trio of delectable and highly-recommended menus, for patrons to order through to May 30: Octopus Carpaccio, Flaming Octopus with Romesco and Fennel, along with tasty Octopus Black Garlic Tacos.

Each dish illustrates the way simple ingredients can be made into marvelous gastronomic experiences through an open flame, with Fremantle Octopus taking the dynamic flavours to another level. Through the rapid transportation of the succulent seafood from Western Australia to Thailand, Charbon’s mouth-watering creations are always unbelievably fresh.

As you can see from the picture below, the Black Garlic Tacos are absolutely worth trying. Roasted bone marrow, jalapeño, guacamole, cilantro slaw and black garlic sauce work so well together, which makes this sublime dish an exceptionally good deal at just THB 490.

Why not treat yourself to the terrific Carpaccio, as featured in the image above, consisting of baby potatoes, crispy iberico pork, black garlic sauce, and smoked paprika. You will be in seventh heaven eating this melt-in-your-mouth delight, reasonably-priced at THB 550.

Or, as you’ll have noticed at the top of the article, the Flaming Octopus with Romesco and Fennel is another excellent option. Beef fat romesco sauce, fresh fennel salad, and green dressing combine to deliver the ultimate taste sensation, yours for an amazing THB 590.

If you order any dish, you will also receive a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, worth THB 290. The heavenly Charbon is on the ground floor of EMSPHERE shopping complex and opens daily from 10am until 10pm, ready to satisfy any appetite – Should you wish to contact Charbon, you may do so through its Facebook Page or by calling: 061-693-0011.